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Burgos is the capital of its province, known since the middle ages as Cabeza de Castilla that today has some of the most important architectural monuments in Spain.

Burgos will surprise you with its Historic Center filled with monuments from all ages. Walk along the Arlanzon River with impressive museums, botanical gardens and terraces with a lot of atmosphere. Experience the beautiful squares and historical streets full of charming old shops.

More than 1 million tourists come to Burgos every year to visit its famous gothic style Cathedral of Santa Maria de Burgos declared a World Heritage Site; but if you really are a wine lover, you cannot miss the Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos in one-day, since this famous region is only 1 hour from Burgos.



Transportation from Burgos to Ribera del Duero:

Aranda de Duero (capital of the Ribera del Duero) is one hour from Burgos so we can do the Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos in just one day.

You have three different options to arrive:


1) By bus:

From Burgos you can take the bus that takes less than an hour and a half to reach Aranda de Duero and costs 8.65 Euros / ticket.

We will wait for you at the Aranda de Duero bus station to start the tour together, and after having enjoyed the tour we will leave you again at the station in time to return to Burgos.

Check the bus schedules here and you can taste as many wines as you want with our Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos.


2) With your own car:

Aranda de Duero is located 1 hour drive from Burgos, about 95 km. The easiest way to get there is by the Autovía del Norte or A-1 that goes directly to Aranda De Duero, you cannot get lost! There we will pick you up at a predetermined site.

You can see the route here to enjoy our Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos.


3) Private transport:

We will pick you up at your hotel in Burgos or another nearby city, to take our Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos

Contact us to get a free quote.

Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos

Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos

Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos

Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos

General information of Burgos, Spain


* Autonomous community: Castilla y Leon

* Province: Burgos


More than 175,000 people live in Burgos although with its metropolitan area it has a population of 200,000.

The main monument of the city is the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Burgos, a Gothic-style masterpiece built where there used to be a Romanesque cathedral, and today declared a World Heritage Site. The first stone laid for this cathedral was in 1221 when Burgos was the capital of Castile and they wanted to build a cathedral according to the importance of the city, for me it is one of the most beautiful in Spain.

On our Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos we enter the Old Town through the Arch of Santa Maria, the most important entrance of the old 12 entrances of the Wall of Burgos. Its appearance reminds of a medieval castle decorated with the images of some of the most illustrious characters in the history of the city.

At the foot of the arch and parallel to the Arlanzon River, is the Paseo del Espolon one of the most picturesque and busy places in Burgos, where the Statues of the 4 Kings or the Templete de Música stand out and it is also surrounded by some of the most important public buildings in Burgos, such as the Consulate of the Sea, the Circle of the Union or the Main Theater.

Another building of great interest is the Casa del Cordon or Palacio de los Condestables de Castilla, scene of important historical events, such as the wedding of the son of the Catholic Monarchs with Princess Margarita, or the meeting of his parents with Columbus after his second trip to America.

At the end of the Paseo del Espolon is the Plaza del Mio Cid, which in our Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos  we explain the history of the Statue to the Cid Campeador where his sword points to the San Pablo Bridge where the statues of his family and closest friends are located.

On the other side of the river is the Museum of Human Evolution, where the archaeological remains found in the sites of the Sierra de Atapuerca, with more than 600 original fossils, that will help you see Human evolution throughout Europe.

Another point of interest is the Plaza Mayor de Burgos, the center of the social life of the city, here is the City Hall of Burgos surrounded by colorful buildings whose floors are occupied by restaurants, bars and shops, so it is one of the best places to stop along the way and taste the traditional cuisine, where if you really want to eat “like a native”, you have to try the cheese and the black pudding of Burgos as typical gastronomic products, the “olla podrida” and the Castilian roasts / Baked roast lamb, as the most requested dishes and the “yemas de burgos” or the grandfather’s dessert as a sweet final touch, or even the “torrijas” as a Castilian dessert.

If you like Gothic art you cannot miss the main churches of Burgos. The Church of San Esteban, now converted into an altarpiece museum; the Church of San Gil Abad with the second most important architectural monuments in the city, and finally the Church of San Nicolas de Bari.

Burgos Castle is located in one of the highest points of the city outside of the historical center. Destroyed in the war of independence but now restored and allows the visitor to enter its glorious past, being able to tour the defensive walls that once protected it, or go down to the fresh water well.

Enjoy the panoramic views of the city on our Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos from the Mirador del Castillo, from where you will see its imposing cathedral standing out above the city.

Outside the historical center you can also see the Monasterio de las Huelgas from the year 1189 that was founded by King Alfonso VIII of Castile, also used as Royal Pantheon, which now houses the Museum of Medieval Fabrics.

Many travelers from all over the world visit this amazing city and take our Ribera del Duero Wine Tour from Burgos.