Only 4 short years ago we came up with the idea of showing the Rioja Wine Region in a way that made our clients feel part of the family and allow them to experience a lifestyle that only a Riojan would experience. In other words Like a Native and not like a tourist.

That is how Rioja Like A Native Wine Tours was born in 2017.

We developed a unique wine tour where you would actually be with the winemakers and their families learning the secrets of fine winemaking by spending time with them as they shared their deepest family traditions and history.

In order to do that we needed to research who the most interesting families and were and convince them to allow visitors into their wineries treating the visitors as family.

We love to show a variety of wineries in our tour that showcase the history of winemaking in Rioja. From the 15th century underground wineries, to the more modern family winery, to the most advanced Avant-Garde arquitectural masterpieces. We carefully plan our routes so you can see the most breathtaking landscapes, impressive Cantabria Mountains, and most manicured vineyards.

We love to complete our tour by exploring the cobblestone streets of one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Spain, Laguardia, learning about its history and discovering its many beauties.

Food is important to you so we sample the true Spanish way of eating Tapas or Pintxos by tasting a variety of dishes unique to the region accompanied by wine imposible to find anywhere else in the world.

After three years and over 400 tours later, we have fine tuned the experience making Rioja Like A Native Wine Tours one of the most successful tour companies in rioja, by combining history, enology, and education, to achieve a complete experience with a fun way of tasting wine.

At our clients request, we decided to expand our operations to the neighboring Ribera del Duero D.O. that we visit so often, partnering with local tour guides in order to show Ribera del Duero like a Native, visiting the most famous wineries as well as other smaller family wineries that are just as interesting and full of family tradition and history.

Allow us to show you the way of enjoying our two most favorite wine regions like a native and experience what only the locals know.

Vintage 2019

Vintage 2018